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Starting a Business?


If you are thinking of starting a business, you are likely overwhelmed with the various organizational and financial considerations. 


At NOVA Tax Lady LLC, we are happy to announce our Summer Special: 

ONE HOUR of consultation time (virtually or in-person) with our Enrolled Agent for the tax-deductible, flat fee of $110 (current clients receive a 50% discount) to discuss:

  • Form of organization:  Sole Proprietor, LLC, Partnership, S- or C-Corporation

  • Tax treatment of income:  Taxes paid at entity level vs pass-through income

  • Employees:  Payroll withholding and payroll tax filings

  • Tax form filing requirements (1099-NECs, W-2s)

  • Bookkeeping Issues and record-keeping requirements

  • Deductible expenses

  • Automobile Log requirements

  • Home Office requirements and deduction options

  • Local authorities – Taxes and Fees

  • Making Estimated Tax Payments

  • Retirement accounts for small businesses

  • Qualified Business Income Deduction

Closing a Business?


Just as starting a business comes with an array of complex issues, so does closing a business.   You want to ensure the proper authorities are notified, the appropriate forms are filed as needed, the sale of any business assets are properly reported, and any final tax filings are completed properly.   Use our Summer Special to meet (virtually or in-person) with our Enrolled Agent to discuss any concerns or questions you may have for closing your business.  Again, the $110 consultation fee is a tax-deductible expense for your business.


or call (703) 373-3553
to schedule your consultation today!

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