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Theresa J. Lacey, EA, MBA

About: Theresa

Enrolled Agents (EAs) are the ONLY income tax professionals licensed by the Internal Revenue Service.

Hiring the right tax professional matters. 

Acceping New Clients?

As the founding member of NOVA Tax Lady LLC, Theresa is an Enrolled Agent who is continuing the tradition of a family-owned & -operated income tax business. As an Enrolled Agent, Theresa holds the highest credential awarded by the IRS. As a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), Theresa is held to the highest standard for annual continuing education requirements.  


Hiring the right tax professional matters.

A     lifelong    resident  of Northern   Virginia, Theresa   earned    an MBA  with   an emphasis in  accounting   from   George Mason University  in 1990. After working several years in the Estate Planning & Administration fields, Theresa eventually joined the family income tax business in 2011 and completed the testing and certification process to become an Enrolled Agent in January of 2012. 

Theresa specializes in individual and small business income tax preparation and related services. Utilizing a detailed approach, Theresa ensures proper tax compliance so her clients can rest assured that they will be in a good position to face any questions or challenges the tax agencies may present. Theresa has also helped her clients appeal and resolve various income tax issues, saving them thousands of dollars.

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Home: Services
Services - Income Tax Preparation
Income Tax Preparation & Filing__________________________________

Specializing in: 

  • Individuals

  • Small Businesses

  • Estates & Trusts

Income tax preparation includes the electronic filing for federal and state returns. Simply send copies of your current tax forms along with copies of your last-filed federal and state returns and we will take it from there! Getting your taxes done has never been so easy!


Benefits our clients enjoy:

  • Free Consultation Time:  All NOVA Tax Lady LLC clients receive free annual consultation time of 30 minutes (in addition to any time needed for income tax preparation).  This provides our clients the time they need to address quick issues such as withholdings, or projections for minor changes in their income tax filings, without worrying about a bill for that work.  We also give our clients a 50% discount on the "general public" hourly consultation rates for any time needed beyond the free annual 30 minutes.

  • Monthly Electronic Newsletter:  Every month, we send our Tax News & Strategies electronic newsletter by email, free of charge!  

Email for more details.

___________________________________________Income Tax Resolution

Enrolled   Agents  have unlimited rights to practice  

before the IRS.


Nobody likes to get mail from the IRS or state tax departments but you do not need to worry when you have NOVA Tax Lady LLC working for you. We will help you understand any tax notices and/or letters you receive and we will navigate and control the response process. 


We help taxpayers appeal tax reassessments and reduce and/or eliminate tax penalties and interest whenever possible.  The ability to present the information in a thoughtful and organized manner is critical to successful resolution and having an Enrolled Agent who understands the tax law is key to that success.

Services - Income Tax Resolution
Services-Tax Planning Consultations
Tax Planning Consultations________________________________________

Life's circumstances change and it is critical to address these changes in advance, whenever possible. To achieve this end, we offer in-person, virtual and telephone consultations to discuss changes to your personal situation and the effects on your income tax filings, including but not limited to:

  • Personal life changes involving your job, your family, your residency;

  • The death of a loved one;

  • Starting or closing a business;

  • Preparing for retirement;

  • General tax questions.

_____________________Payroll Withholding and Estimated Tax Analysis
Services-Payroll Withholdingand Estimated Tax Analyses

If you consistently owe taxes at tax time, or if you are receiving large refunds and need more of your money during the year, this is for you! This service involves reviewing your current withholdings as reflected on your paystubs in conjunction with your last tax filings (with the additional consideration of any life changes that affect your tax filing), to determine how you need to complete your W-4 at the federal level (and corresponding withholding forms at the state level) to approach a targeted refund position that you choose. 

For those of you who send in estimated tax payments, this analysis determines how much you need to send in each quarter to the IRS and state tax agencies to minimize any estimated tax penalties at tax time, as well as approach a targeted tax refund position.

Services-Review/Audit of Prior Returns
Review/Audit of Prior Returns______________________________________

Are you preparing your own returns and are nervous that they may not be correct? Or maybe you are paying a tax preparer but you are concerned they may not be doing the best job. Are you at risk of facing large penalties due to improper treatment of income and/or deductions? 

As an Enrolled Agent, Theresa has seen many new clients come to her with poorly-prepared income tax returns from previous years. At times, taxpayers have paid more in taxes than they should have and at other times, taxpayers have taken improper deductions that could prove to be expensive if audited.

A second opinion may be in order if you are unsure whether your prior returns are tax compliant, or if you want to be certain that you are in an optimal tax position. 

Home: Fees

At NOVA Tax Lady LLC, we provide exceptional service at a competitive price (see Testimonials). To accomplish this, we utilize a "basic form price" as the starting point for the tax preparation fee, but we do also keep track of the time involved. Our basic income tax preparation fee begins at $160.00 for a federal Form 1040 with no additional schedules and one state return, and this price includes the electronic filing of the returns.  You will receive an itemized bill detailing the charges associated with any additional schedules and/or forms. Your income tax preparation fee will accurately reflect the work involved in your returns, and we are always happy to make recommendations to you that can lower your income tax preparation fee.

For a FREE quote based on your most recent tax filing: 

Please email or call us at (703) 373-3553


** All other consulting services are billed in 15 minute increments for time involved. **

Home: Tax News & Strategies Monthly Newsletter



"Gathering, maintaining, and organizing tax material is frustrating. NOVA Tax Lady makes the filing of the tax return the best part of this complex process. Thank you!"

- Jake and Carolyn S. 

   May 2022

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Contact Us______________________________________________________

Hours of Operation

          Monday through Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

          ** AFTER HOURS: available by request

Phone & Fax

(703) 373-3553




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